Bethesda Maryland Hilton Hotel

The sprawling sports bar at the Baltimore County Hilton Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland, is open seasonally this year and is decorated with tinsel, garlands and ornaments to match a matching Christmas menu - a themed menu. Starting at $7.95, there's a panting Santa Claus, Santa Claus in a Santa suit and a Christmas tree in his Santa hat. The menu also includes rum and a variety of seasonal drinks such as rum and ginger beer.

Drinks include hot chocolate and Baileys topped with chocolate syrup and clumps of whipped cream and topped with crushed sugar canes. Drinks include vodka, rum and ginger beer, as well as a variety of seasonal drinks such as ginger ale, gin and vodka and a gingerbread drink.

Jeff's beach bum Berry includes champagne, chocolate with chocolate and a variety of festive cocktails including hot chocolate, ginger ale, rum and vodka. The Holiday Beer Special includes holiday beers and special offers, including Gewürzginger Ale, Ginger Beer and Gingerbread Stout. Festive cocktails include Feliz Navidad, Sombra, Mezcal, Cinnamon and eggnog with nutmeg, which offer a lighter flavour than the creamy classic.

Order the week before Christmas for a special offer of $5 on your first order of food and drink for the holiday or $10 on each additional order.

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Rick Takach Jr. is the founder and president of the fully integrated hotel development, hospitality and management company based in Vancouver, Washington. He has built a reputation for attracting and retaining talented hospitality professionals who in turn create award-winning hotels.

Before founding his own hotel management group, Takach was a hotel manager for seven years and a member of the board of directors of several major hotel companies in the USA and Canada. He is a member of the Hilton Hotels Advisory Board and has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hilton International, Hilton Hotel Group and Hilton Worldwide. He is also president and chief executive of the Hotel Association of America.

After leaving Royal Orleans, she moved to the Fairmont Roosevelt Hotel for 12 years, where she managed the New Orleans Opera House and the performing stars of the Louisiana State Fair. At the Royal Orleans, Ms. Barnett had the honor of being admitted to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, a hotel honoring prominent citizens of New York City, Louisiana, and the United States.

Privately, Ms. Barnett was an accomplished amateur tennis player who also covered the Eastern Tennis Circuit for the states. She also reported tennis matches she watched directly in the press box, as no women were allowed in.

In the course of her life, she won dozens of trophies that she donated to the Salvation Army, and some of her awards were engraved for others to re-engrave. These included the National Tennis Hall of Fame Award, the John F. Kennedy Award and the Jose Bautista Aguayo Award.

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