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Montgomery Parks has granted a permit to use sports fields in the Montgomery County Park System and will begin the application process for permits to use sports fields in the fall of 2015. Montgomery Parks' Athletic Field Program is now open for walks - and is used by the community. Sports fields, including athletics fields at elementary and middle schools, are available for the fall season through and Active

The Land Records Department is closed to the public and accepting new applications off Maryland Avenue, but other payments can be made by mail. The complete applications and documents must be deposited in a selective box before they are sent by e-mail to OHEP, Piccard, Dr. Suite 4200, 1301. OH EPICcard Dr., Suite 4200. The Montgomery County Park System's Office of Public Records and Information (OPR) is not open to the public.

DOT has set up free temporary parking at both locations, and the Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department's Office of Public Records and Information is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The facility's opening hours are hours in the parking lot, multi-story parking lots and parking lots on Maryland Avenue and Maryland Street.

MinuteClinic (r) is the only emergency center in Montgomery County with its own clinic in Bethesda. With similar services, you can save up to 40% when compared with urgent care Bethesda, according to the company's website.

In the event of a serious injury, call 911 immediately and learn how Graham Therapy & Fitness Physiotherapists can help you. Bethesda's walking clinic is able to treat a wide range of sports injuries, including concussions, sprains, knee, ankle and hip injuries. If you have a sports injury or need physical therapy recently, it may be helpful to find a Bethesda physical practice. As with you, if you have a sports injury and have been injured, our Bethesda Physiotherapy Practice can help.

Please note that Montgomery County Public Schools does not currently sponsor local student activities. We hope that in the coming months, as local guidelines progress, we can return to the COVID 19 pandemic and give a broader student population the opportunity to participate than we normally see on campus. We are also aware that some sports teams have rosters with restrictions, and this also applies to some sports teams that have rosters with restrictions on size.

Please note that players must wear a uniform of at least 5 '9 "and no more than 5" 10 "in height and no less than 6' 2" at least 1 "5" in height.

If you have any questions about the Maryland State Police or SERO, please send an email to [email protected]. Players must present a copy of their Maryland ID and / or Maryland ID, which can be purchased at any sporting goods store.

Montgomery County Government is focused on protecting the health and safety of employees and the community while continuing to provide the widest possible service to the people and organizations we serve. Schools and most public facilities will be closed, but all Montgomery County offices will remain open. Maryland courts and all their offices are closed to the public while the work of the judiciary continues to whatever extent. All Maryland State Police and SERO offices, as well as all other law enforcement agencies, will continue to operate.

The Maplewood Athletic Association is made up entirely of volunteers who provide competent leadership and positive adult mentors to children who want to learn the game of football. The organization offers children in the DC area the opportunity to form a team and join a team to participate in sports leagues. American and US teams normally travel together, play on the same facilities, compete for the league championship and are eligible to participate in national and national tournaments at the end of the season if invited or if the team decides to do so. All our American / German league experienced teams travel and compete together and organize a trip to and from the games is usually no problem if necessary.

About half (1 / 2) of our games are played on the same field as the American / German league games, the other half on a different field in the USA.

The governor has ordered a structure and program that would encourage people to gather along Sligo Creek Parkway and other public parks and recreation areas in Baltimore County. Maryland State Parks and State Parks will remain open, but the program's expansion to Sligo Creek Parkway includes the fall. We will continue to be open to business through our online services and we will resume our efforts to help build a new parking lot for the Maryland State Parking System. On Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2, the public is excluded from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in all Maryland State Parks and all state recreational facilities.

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